Reconnecting With Your Inner Caveman

Reconnecting With Your Inner Caveman

Why is the site called Reconnecting With Your Inner Caveman?  Aren’t we smarter than they were?  And we must be healthier, because we live longer, right?

Well that’s not strictly true, either of those statements.  Our Neanderthal or caveman ancestors actually had larger brains than what we do now.  Collectively, yes, we are very clever us modern human beings.  Technology has certainly come a long way, and our ability to communicate and share information has improved our knowledge exponentially.

Individually however, we tend to be quite specialised in one or two areas, and use the abilities of many others to assist us in our daily lives.

Caveman DietBeing A Caveman Was Tough

Most of us would probably consider being called a “caveman” or a “Neanderthal” as an insult, however just stop and consider for a moment all the things they had going on in their life to think about.

There was no supermarket to buy groceries, all their food needed to be hunted and gathered.  Hunting requires special skills: which animals are good to eat, easy enough to catch, where to find them, and what tools/weapons do you need to help you.

As further extension to that, you also need to know how to make the tools and weapons you need, the skill to skin and clean your prey, and how to cook it.

Then of course, cooking the food brings in a whole set of challenges on its own: how to light a fire, utensils and equipment needed to cook with, what foods go together, how long to cook for, etc.

If we go back for a sec and take a look at the gathering side of things, they had many important challenges to overcome here as well: many foods that grow in the wild can be good for us, many are poisonous and deadly.  It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to identify which foods are good to eat, and which ones to avoid; any mistake here could be fatal.

That’s just some of the intelligence required to get food and fuel each day to survive, but it doesn’t end there.  Every part of their daily life required critical thinking to solve complex problems in order to fulfill their most basic needs.

Getting food and water, creating shelter, discovering how to control fire for warmth and cooking, how to make tools and weapons, how to create their own clothes, how to live in harmony with the environment, how to avoid being killed by predators (just imagine, while running away from a deadly creature like a sabre-toothed tiger and simply twisting your ankle could mean certain death!), and so much more.

The world was a much harder place and survival was tough.  I’m not suggesting we go back to the days of living as cavemen did, but there are certain aspects we can take from our ancestry and mix it with the convenience, safety and security we experience today to develop healthy eating habits, build strength and fitness, and use our brain for critical thinking.

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