Reconnecting With Your Inner Caveman

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My name is Mick Reade, and I am a qualified chef and personal trainer.  I have been living on the Paleo or Caveman Diet for over 3 years now, I am passionate about health and nutrition and providing quality education and information regarding what we’ve traditionally been taught about our health and nutrition, and to help you get your body into the best possible shape it can be.

Modern humans have been on Earth for over 2 million years, and our ancestors before that for over 7 million years.  That is hundreds of thousands of generations of evolving our body to eat and live a certain way, mostly as hunter-gatherers.

Reconnecting With Your Inner Caveman

Reconnecting With Your Inner Caveman

Approximately ten thousand years ago we began the Agricultural Revolution, domesticating animals and settling down to farm the land.  This dramatically changed the way we lived and the food we eat.

Ten thousand years seems like a really long time for us to adapt to these changes, however it is only a tiny drop in the ocean when compared to the several million years humans have been in existence on Earth.

Reconnecting With Your Inner Caveman

Reconnecting With Your Inner Caveman book available from Amazon and various other bookstores

Hence, why I think we need to get back to some of the ways we used to do things, and why the title of my book is Reconnecting With Your Inner Caveman.

Learn more about why the Paleo or Caveman Diet is becoming so popular, and why we should get back to eating the foods our bodies have evolved to thrive on!

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